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Stereoscopy Links

Internet links have a bad habit of going dead, so best of luck with these.

"White Papers:" in depth pdf files on stereoscopy

Fundamentals of Stereoscopic Imaging (mainly 3D movies): Bernard Mendiburu

2009 SMPTE report on Stereoscopic 3D production (3D movies and TV): Bernard Mendiburu

4D : Stereoscopic movie rigs(x,y,z and time)

Stereoscopic video equipment, especially underwater 3D.

Stereo Cinematography equipment , This link has been known to crash.

3D cine camera rigs including mirror boxes and beam splitters.

Inition SI-2K mini camera

IOD calculator By Leonard Coster for iPhone or iPod Touch. Designed for movie cameras.

3D : (x,y,z)

Stereoscopic equipment, viewers, stereo bars etc.

Fuji stereo camera currently, (April 2010) the only digital stereo camera available.

Loreo beam splitters Can be fitted to various digital SLR's

P+S Technik mirror rig instruction manual

3D viewing systems

Start 3D: wiggle stereo, glasses free.

Shutter glass stereo: Neotek system Theory of computer viewing systems.

NVIDIA full HD shutter glasses [ compatible displays ]

Zalman 3D Monitor(interlace)[ TweakTown review ]

Sharp parallax barrier monitor (no glasses)

3D panorama

Sub Surface Laser Engraving

A 3 dimensional image inside a crystal

Macro stereo photography

3D flying insects High speed flash, laser trigger, additional compur shutter, mirror rig.


Brilliant video tutorial for this German program previously very difficut for English speakers to use. 3 videos.