Green Lane Hospital in Stereo


These views are provided for comparison with the monochrome anaglyph version.

The monochrome picture has been taken through a red filter. Almost but not quite infra-red.

Green Lane Hospital, once New Zealand's most famous medical institution, has been down-graded to a clinic, after this photograph was taken, by administrators with more power than sense. The process was started by Helen Clark, Minister of Health, in 1990 and completed by business men with no knowledge of medical requirements. Heart operations in Auckland are now severely curtailed and the only way ordinary citizens can get a coronary by-pass when they need it is to go to a private hospital. Cardiac Surgery was transferred to Auckland Hospital with insufficient nurses, intensive car beds or operating time. Even sterile medical instruments are hard to come by because the CSS (Central Sterile Supply) was almost destroyed by stupid administrators sacking the staff and employing untrained but cheaper individuals. Even acutely ill heart patients are now on a long waiting list. Let us hope they have medical insurance.



Green Lane Hospital in Monochrome using a red filter.

Stereoscopic photgoraphy by John Wattie

Green Lane Hospital in Colour Hyperstereoscopy.

Green Lane Hospital: use the middle pictures for U stereo.

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