Poor Stereo Technique

Poor Stereo Technique

Bad                                                 Bad

Bad Stereo Photography

  1. The subject was rotated while the camera stayed still.
  2. The lights stayed still.
  3. Automatic exposure.

The poor results of this include:

  1. The lighting changed as the subject turned.
  2. The silver tuatara has many reflections, so the change in lighting is severe.
  3. Lighting variation made the camera automatic exposure change: one frame is slightly darker than the other. (It is often better to use manual exposure, but minor exposure differences do not worry stereo impression much, it looks worse before the frames are fused.)
  4. Keystone distortion is easily seen in the business card.
    Since this is X stereo, the left pane camera is rotated right and the right turned left.
  5. The background is the same for each frame: there is no 3D in the green grid.
  6. Heavy JPEG compression causes noise around sudden density changes, such as the printing.

These errors make it quite hard to fuse the images, degrading the 3D impression. In fact beginners may see no 3D at all.

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