New Zealand Lemon Wood in Stereo


Pittosporum eugenoides (Maori name is Tarata)

This is a common tree near the margins of New Zealand forests, growing up to 12m tall.

The flowers are small (9mm across) but occur in 30cm clusters on or near the ends of the twigs. Their honey smell is strong.

Sometimes female flowers are seen (through a magnifying glass) which have rudimentary anthers and large ovaries. The more common "perfect" flower, with anthers and a smaller ovary, is shown here.

Close up stereo photography is needed to show a single flower from a cluster in 3D. Hypo-stereo using a reduced stereo base has been used, for reasons explained here.

If you are using a 17 inch monitor running at 800x600 pixels, then the magnification is 12 times.

X stereo format. U stereo also provided.




Parallel eye stereo:

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left hand picture

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