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Santa Maria della Salute

"Salute" means health and salvation. 

This Venetian  church was built to celebrate  deliverance from the plague in 1630. It lies at the start of the Grand Canal.
"...some great lady on the threshold of her salon ... with her domes and scrolls, her scalloped buttresses and statues forming a pompous crown and her wide steps disposed on the ground like the train of a robe." (Henry Ja>mes).>

    The big, stereoscopic picture has been loading as you read. 

 It may look like a double church, but the two spires are right and left eye versions  for free viewing by either: 
     X Stereo or   U stereo


Santa Maria della Salute                                             

Triplets. | RIGHT | LEFT | RIGHT
Choose the version you prefer for cross-eye or parallel stereo viewing.

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S. Maria d. Salute in 3d.  (92022 bytes) S. Maria d. Salute in 3d.  (92022 bytes)
Right Left Right Left

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Interior of the church

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