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  Mt Aspiring in 3d

Mt Aspiring, New Zealand, in cross-eye stereoscopy format. John Wattie stereoscopic photography

Mt Aspiring                                       Mt Aspiring>

 Mt Aspiring                                          Mt Aspiring

 X stereo.  

Pan right for U stereo and use the two middle pictures with a Pokescope or Wheatstone variant (Cazes) viewer. A smaller version for Holmes or free viewing is  also available

This just fits a 600x800 pixel screen, so the tool bars must be removed
(Press F11 in Explorer and Opera browsers). (The picture fills the screen  as a 3d "computer desktop")>

Stereoscopic Photography by John Wattie.

Small Version of Mt Aspiring form the SW Use center pair of pictures for parallel eye stereo viewing.


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