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New Zealand Silver Fern 
and Toadstool in 3D

A toadstool in Murphy's Bush, June 2001.  Start

Stereo Pictures

The fallen leaf is the tip of a silver fern frond. 
The silver fern is a symbol of New Zealand and seen on many sporting uniforms.

"All Blacks" =  NZ rugby team.
"Black Caps" =  NZ cricket team
"Silver Ferns" =  NZ netball team
"Tall Blacks"  =  NZ basketball team
"Black Ferns" = NZ women's rugby team
"White Ferns" = NZ women's cricket team
"Black Sticks" = NZ women's hockey team

Clive Shirley says (by e-mail) this is commonly called a "Wax Gill" toadstool.

May be a Hygrocybe species, sometimes called "wax caps" in Europe.

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