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Anaglyph glasses

Several red cyan glasses have been tried by kiwizone. Three of them show very few ghosts:

Studio 555 ACB anaglyph glasses

Rainbow Symphony
red-cyan goggles

American Paper Optics

All three are mounted in cardboard. They are listed from best ghost reduction to less. Anaglyphs rarely show colours well and it is probably more important to have no ghosts.

  1. Studio 555 ACB anaglyph viewers do not have any ear pieces (hand held) but the channel separation is so good that the latest version will barely transmit red LED laser light, which is how I differentiate old from new. The image of red-cyan goggles displayed above has a black red lens through ACB cyan, exactly what you want. Cyan, seen through red ACB, is grey, rather like the background to this page and so ACB does not give any colour cast. ACB are the best filters I have tried for reducing anaglyph ghosts to virtually zero and are ideal for monochrome anaglyphs.
  2. Rainbow symphony (RBS) cyan filter is nearly as selective as ACB (the above red lens looks very deep red through RBS cyan and the cyan filter barely transmits a red laser.) The RBS red filter is not so selective and makes cyan a dark green colour, not as dark as ACB's grey. This slight reduction in selectiveness is why coloured anaglyph colours look just detectably better and yet ghosts are minimal.
  3. American Paper Optics (APO, or IYF for "In Your Face") transmits a red laser beam through cyan quite easily. Through APO red, the above cyan is a dark blue/green, a darker shade than RBS transmits, but not as dark as ACB. APO is very good at stopping ghosts and shows colours slightly better than the others but has a slight colour cast on monochrome anaglyphs. These APO goggles have been standard for judging the Dabiri awards.

Smarter looking and more expensive goggles, mounted in plastic frames, are available from other suppliers. Berezin stocks a variety of framed brands, but none cut ghosts as well as the above three cardboard versions. Proview is moderately satisfactory and shows colour pretty well, so I make anaglyphs as ghost-free as possible with Proview and then issue the audience at anaglyph digital projection shows with RBS viewers, knowing the ghost problem will be slight or nil (and they don't have to hold them up to their faces).

Manapouri underground power station

None of the three recommended filters show ghosts here,
but Proview does show red ghosts on this Manapouri power station image.