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version - 12/03/19

A personal record of things I have learned about stereoscopic photography: by experimenting, doodling on the backs of envelopes and reading. If others find it useful, jolly good. If the knowledgeable fix errors, (as Frank Di Marzio notably did) even better. Anticipated corrections are the main reason for putting it all on the web.

2nd Edition of the stereo web site. 2012

This first edition web site is badly outdated and is being re-written. So far the only useful pages you can access on the second edition are
digital stereo camera rigs

Stereo roundness

Others are being gradually added and show up on the top menu


March 12 2007: Fungal foray anaglyphs

April 2007: STEREO space craft

August 2006: version 2.3 of the stereo base spreadsheet, for PDA use in the field. Includes Wattie formula for base versus image magnification.

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This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

Pictures to view in 3D:

Flickr Recent John Wattie stereo in order of "interestingness"

Favourites My personal favourites of other photographer's work.

Stereoscopic picture gallery.

Taking 3D pictures

How to take stereo pictures with an ordinary camera                                

Making Holmes cards  versus computer stereo

Stereo mathematics: Bercovitz, Di Marzio Equations, Pe Pax, 3D window, Spreadsheets for computing stereo base for 2 digital cameras with zoom lenses.

Pseudo stereoscopy


Anaglyphs. Red/cyan goggles for anaglyphs(updated March 2006)

anaglyph links including ColorCode anaglyphs.

How to see stereoscopically

Elementary physiology of binocular vision.

Free view,stereo by eye gymnastics 

Optical Viewers for computer 3D, not needing eye tricks

Viewing 3D  using a 45 prism or a mirror.

Stereoscopic Picture Essays

Stereoscopic photography in caves.

Fungi in 3D Close up 3 dimensional photography on the forest floor.

        Fungal foray May 12 2007: anaglyphs

"Wobble stereo" and anaglyphs are available
to help those people who cannot do stereoscopic optical gymnastics

Stereoscopic New Zealand Orchids by Eric Scanlen: guest photographer.

2009 orchid anaglyph slide show  (Auckland Museum)

Weta in 3D   Close up of mouthparts included.

Stereoscopic X-rays
    1  Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm  CT 3D reconstruction 

    2   Sea shell, 3D X-ray showing the internal spiral structure

Comet Halley    in 3D Showing its tail pointing away from the sun (and Earth).

Astronomical Nebulae in 3D  Rosette and Tarantula. Now with anaglyph.

  SOHO images in 3D: solar anaglyphs  

STEREO and Hinode 3D solar images

Kauri trees in 3D   Agathis australis, New Zealand's biggest trees.

Historic Howick in stereo 

Amazon Jungle in stereo

Tuatara (Sphenodon) in stereo anaglyph
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Anaglyphs by

Kiwizone on Flickr

Red/Cyan Anaglyph goggles
Use Red/Cyan goggles for anaglyphs

800-by-600 pixels
1024-by-768 pixels
1366-by-768 pixels
Lap-top wide
1280-by-800 pixels
1280-by-1024 pixels
1600-by-1200 pixels
New Zealand Scenery Home PAge

Anaglyphs can fill the screen and are excellent for showing stereoscopic panoramas


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