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Toadstool 4 

Stereoscopic Picture 

By John WattieStart

Stereo Pictures

A toadstool in Murphy's Bush, 
July 2001.



The concave upper surface of this toadstool is also illustrated in stereo. Press here to see it.

If anybody has a name for this toadstool, please reveal it in the  guest book


Stereoscopic images in X and U format. 

Behind the toadstool is a yellow club fungus. It looks like Ramariopsis antillarum (in Don Horne's Book), but that is a guess.

 It looks rather like the red club seen on the background of this page, except for its yellow colour and smaller size. This background club was suddenly lit by a thin shaft from the setting sun reaching through a gap in the trees of Murphy's Bush, which lasted for about a minute - not long enough to set up a stereoscopic shot.

The slightly unusual stereoscopic "falling window" for this picture is discussed further here.


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X Stereo Format  (Cross-eyes)
U Stereo Format  (Parallel eyes)
Anaglyph Format (Red-Green Glasses)
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 X Stereo




. Cross-eye stereo..



    U stereo pictureChoose stereo format 

U Stereo Big  / Small 





 If using an 800 pixel screen, pan right with arrow keys for parallel eye stereo.
   This big version needs a viewer: e.g. modified Wheatstone or PokeScope.

Small U format




Small parallel eye stereo for free viewing, at the expense of low resolution.
 Big U formatUse Arrow keys to pan right if necessary




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