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Toadstool 5: Earth Star 

Stereoscopic Picture 

By John Wattie  Start

Stereo Pictures

A toadstool in Murphy's Bush, 
June 2001.

This is the Earth Star. (Gaestrum Species).

Three versions, showing how it grows old.


Stereoscopic images in X and U format. 

The fruiting body is not attached to the earth and is easily picked up. The central sack is a puff ball. When rain drops fall on it, the flabby sack puffs a fine "smoke" of spores out of the little hole in the top.


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X Stereo Format  (Cross-eyes)
U Stereo Format  (Parallel eyes)
Anaglyph Format (Red-Green Glasses) Not available
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Earth Star in X stereo

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 If using an 800 pixel screen, pan right with arrow keys for parallel eye stereo.

Small U format





 Big U formatUse Arrow keys to pan right if necessary




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