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Elephant ears 

Stereoscopic Picture 

By John Wattie  Start

Stereo Pictures

Growing on a rotten log, this fungus becomes big and floppy. Also called wood ear fungus and Jew's ear. (Auricularia polytricha)

Apparently Chinese have been eating the ear fungus for over a thousand years, but I have never tried it. The ears look best when light shines through. Both top and back lighting are shown here.                                          

Stereoscopic images in X and U format. 


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X Stereo Format  (Cross-eyes)
U Stereo Format  (Parallel eyes)
Anaglyph Format (Red-Green Glasses) Not available
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 X Stereo






U stereo picture Choose stereo format 






 If using an 800 pixel screen, pan right with arrow keys for parallel eye stereo on the two middle pictures.


Small U format





 Big U formatUse Arrow keys to pan right if necessary


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