Cathedral Grove Kauri Trees

A bigger view.

By John Wattie Start

A bigger view of the main trees in Cathedral Grove, Waipoua forest.  

Stereoscopy separates the smaller, closer trees from the more distant, large Kauri trees. Without stereo the flat picture fails to reveal the true size of the Kauri trunks, which seem small compared with the closer and more magnified  trees nearby. Since this is mild hyperstereoscopy, the model effect reduces the apparent size of all the trees, but enhances the stereo experience. You can't have everything!

>Three versions are provided: 
  1. general view       (cross eye and parallel view stereo) 
  2. bigger picture      (cross eye and parallel view stereo)  The distant trees 
  3. Bigger still              (Anaglyph format)                           The near trees.

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X Stereo Format  (Cross-eyes)
U Stereo Format  (Parallel eyes)
Anaglyph Format (Red-Green Glasses) 

 X Stereo



Cathedral Grove Kauri in 3D - X stereo

    U stereo pictureChoose stereo format 

U Stereo Big  / Small 





 If using an 800 pixel screen, pan right with arrow keys for parallel eye stereo.

Small U format

Full size U stereo

.Small U stereo, pan right for center two pictures

 Big U formatUse Arrow keys to pan right if necessary


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